Fukrey 3 Day Wise Box Office Collection Worldwide

Fukrey 3 box office collection
Fukrey 3 box office collection

Fukrey 3

Cast: Pulkit Samrat, Pankaj Tripathi, Varun Sharma

Production Company: Excel entertainment

Producer: Ritesh Sidhwani, Farhan Akhtar

Release Date: Date: 28 September, 2023

Director: Mrigdeep Singh Lamba

Genre: Comedy Drama

Budget: ₹45 crore

Fukrey 3 Box Office Collection India

ScheduleAmount (Net)Amount (Gross)
Opening Day ₹8.82 crore₹10.40 crore
End of Opening Weekend₹43.48 crore₹51.27 crore
End of Week 1₹66.02 crore₹78.6 crore
Lifetime Collection₹96.65 crore₹115.06 crore

Certainly, here are the box office collection details for the movie “Fukrey 3” in India:

  • Opening Day:
  • Net Amount: ₹8.82 crore
  • Gross Amount: ₹10.40 crore
  • End of Opening Weekend:
  • Net Amount: ₹43.48 crore
  • Gross Amount: ₹51.27 crore
  • End of Week 1:
  • Net Amount: ₹66.02 crore
  • Gross Amount: ₹78.6 crore
  • Lifetime Collection:
  • Net Amount: ₹95.65 crore
  • Gross Amount: ₹115.06 crore

These figures reflect the movie’s earnings at different stages of its theatrical run in India. The “Net” amount signifies the total earnings after deducting the entertainment tax, while the “Gross” amount represents the total box office collection before any deductions. The movie “Fukrey 3” has shown a consistent performance at the box office, culminating in a significant lifetime collection of ₹81.29 crore net and ₹92.7 crore gross in India.

Fukrey 3 Day Wise Box Office Collection India

Day 128 September, 2023 (Thu)₹8.82 crore₹10.40 crore
Day 229 September, 2023 (Fri)₹7.81 crore₹9.21 crore
Day 330 September, 2023 (Sat)₹11.67 crore₹13.76 crore
Day 401 October, 2023 (Sun)₹15.18 crore₹17.90 crore
Day 502 October, 2023 (Mon)₹11.69 crore₹13.78 crore
Day 603 October, 2023 (Tue)₹4.11 crore₹4.85 crore
Day 704 October 2023 (Wed)₹3.62 crore₹4.27 crore
Day 805 October 2023 (Thu)₹3.12 crore₹3.68 crore
Day 906 October 2023 (Fri)₹2.31 crore₹2.72 crore
Day 1007 October 2023 (Sat)₹4.02 crore₹4.74 crore
Day 1108 October 2023 (Sun)₹4.11 crore₹4.85 crore
Day 1209 October 2023 (Mon)₹1.41 crore₹1.66 crore
Day 1310 October, 2023 (Tue)₹1.23 crore₹1.45 crore
Day 1411 October 2023 (Wed)₹1.14 crore₹1.34 crore
Day 1512 October 2023 (Thur)₹1.05 crore₹1.24 crore
Day 1613 October 2023 (Fri)₹5.10 crore₹6.01 crore
Day 1714 October 2023 (Sat)₹2.04 crore₹2.41 crore
Day 1815 October 2023 (Sun)₹2.40 crore₹2.83 crore
Day 1916 October 2023 (Mon)₹0.72 crore₹0.86 crore
Day 2017 October 2023 (Tue)₹0.65 crore₹0.77 crore
Day 2118 October 2023 (Wed)₹0.61 crore₹0.71 crore
Day 2219 October 2023 (Thur)₹0.51 crore₹0.60 crore
Day 2320 October 2023 (Fri)₹1.06 crore₹1.25 crore

Here is the day-wise box office collection for the movie “Fukrey 3” in India:

Please note that for some days, the collection figures are marked as estimated (*est.) and might be subject to updates or adjustments. These figures represent the net and gross box office earnings for each specific day during the movie’s theatrical run in India.

Fukrey 3 Box Office Collection Oversees

ScheduleAmount In Million USD$
Opening Day0.24
End of Opening Weekend1.55
End of Week 11.60
Total Gross Collection1.60

Certainly, here are the overseas box office collection details for the movie “Fukrey 3”:

  • Opening Day: 0.24 million USD
  • End of Opening Weekend: Update Soon (Information not provided)
  • End of Week 1: Update Soon (Information not provided)
  • Total Gross Collection: 1.55 million USD

As per the available information, the movie garnered an opening day collection of 0.24 million USD in overseas markets. However, details for the end of the opening weekend, end of week 1, and other specific collections beyond the opening day are currently unavailable or pending. The total gross collection for the movie in overseas territories has reached 1.55 million USD. These figures indicate the movie’s performance and earnings in international markets but lack detailed information regarding its performance throughout its theatrical run overseas.

As per the available data, the overseas box office collection for “Fukrey 3” has been disclosed only for the opening day:

  • Day 1 (28 September, 2023): 0.24 million USD

Unfortunately, specific figures for the box office collections on subsequent days (Day 2 to Day 7) in overseas markets are currently undisclosed or have not been updated yet. This lack of updated information prevents providing detailed day-wise collection figures beyond the opening day.

The box office earnings for Day 2 through Day 7 of “Fukrey 3” in overseas territories are pending or unavailable at this time. These figures usually reflect the movie’s daily performance in international markets throughout its theatrical run, but the specific data for these days is currently not provided.

Fukrey 3 Box Office Collection Worldwide

India box office Nett₹96.65 crore
India box office Gross₹115.06 crore
Overseas Gross₹13.31 crore
Worldwide collections Gross₹128.37 crore

The worldwide box office collection for the movie “Fukrey 3” has been reported as follows:

  • India Box Office Nett: ₹96.65 crore
  • India Box Office Gross: ₹115.06 crore
  • Overseas Gross: ₹13.31 crore
  • Worldwide Collections Gross: ₹128.37 crore

These figures provide a comprehensive overview of the movie’s earnings, indicating its performance both in India and overseas. The movie amassed ₹81.29 crore in net collections at the Indian box office, while the gross collections in India totaled ₹96.77 crore. Additionally, the film garnered a total overseas gross of ₹12.89 crore, contributing to its worldwide collections gross of ₹109.66 crore.

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