Gadar 2 Full Movie Watch Online: Everything You Need to Know

Gadar 2 Full Movie Watch Online: Everything You Need to Know

Gadar 2 is one of the huge blockbuster Bollywood movies of 2023. It is the second part of Gadar Ek Prem Katha, Sunny Deol career all time highest grossing movie and Ameesha Patel Sunny Deol and Utkarsh Sharma in the main lead roles.

The story takes place after the first part of Tara Singh, which is based on Tara Singh who reunites the family for a new life, the film release date is 11 August 2023

Is it possible to watch Gadar 2 full movie online?

At the current time Gadar 2 is not possible to watch online on any streaming platform because movie is still running in theatre, and it is the no official statement about Ott platform release date while it is the possible that is release on Zee5 streaming platform.

However, many websites promise to offer Gadar 2 full movie watch online for free while it is the important note that all these websites don’t trust because it is the illegal and unreliable. They may contain malware or viruses and that can damage your device however the movie quality of the video and audio is very poor on these websites so i don’t suggest you watch on these websites. Therefore, I recommend that you wait for Gadar 2 until released legally on streaming platforms before don’t watch.

When will Gadar 2 be released on streaming platforms?

It is the unclear of Gadar 2 official released date of streaming platforms. However, it is most likely to Gadar 2 will be released on Zee5 streaming platform while another streaming platform also available, but Zee5 is home production of Gadar 2 so its most likely to release on this platform.

What to expect from Gadar 2?

Gadar 2 is expected to be a strong patriotic theme with an action-packed drama. Movie is explaining the relationship between India and Pakistan and the many challenges faced by people who are divided by borders.

The movie is also featuring some aspectual action sequences, including a train fight scene, and it is the most expensive shot of this movie.

Gadar 2 star cast and crew


  1. Sunny Deol as Tara Singh
  2. Ameesha Patel as Sakeena Kaur
  3. Utkarsh Sharma as Charanjeet Singh
  4. Shiv Pandit as Gurnam Singh
  5. Sakshi Tanwar as Amrit Kaur
  6. Divya Dutta as Shabnam Khan
  7. Anil Sharma as a special appearanc


  1. Director: Anil Sharma
  2. Producer: Zee Studios
  3. Music: Himesh Reshammiya
  4. Cinematography: Kabir Lal
  5. Editor: Rameshwar S. Bhagat

About Zee5

OTT Platform

Gadar 2 will be available to watch on the OTT platform Zee5. The official OTT release date has not yet been announced, but it is expected to be in October 2023.

Subscription Plan :

The subscription plans for Zee5 start at Rs.99 per month. You can subscribe to Zee5 to watch Gadar 2 when it is released.

How to watch Gadar 2 Full Movie Watch Online

To watch Gadar 2 on Zee5, go to the website or app. A new account must be created, or you must sign in to an existing one. You can search for and choose to watch the movie “Gadar 2” after login in.

Gadar 2 Full Movie Download

Go to the Zee5 website or app.
Find the video you want to download.
Below the video, click the download button (a down arrow).
Specify the video quality that you want to save
Tap on the “Download” button.

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