Jawan Day 1 Box Office Collection Compare With All SRK Movies

Jawan Day 1 Box Office Collection Compare with All SRK Movies

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Day 1 Box Office Collection of the movie "Jawan" in comparison to the opening day collection of all Shah Rukh Khan (SRK) movies.

Comparative Analysis of Day 1 Collection

"Jawan" made an impressive mark at the box office with a staggering ₹75 crore on its opening day, surpassing the opening day collection of several iconic Shah Rukh Khan movies.

A Remarkable Debut

Ranked as the top movie in terms of the Day 1 Box Office Collection, "Jawan" has set a new standard in terms of opening day earnings among Shah Rukh Khan's extensive filmography.

Jawan’s Position Among SRK Films

This remarkable achievement places "Jawan" at the pinnacle of box office openings compared to SRK movies. Movies like "Pathaan," "Happy New Year," "Chennai Express," and others trail behind "Jawan" in terms of Day 1 earnings.

Impactful Opening

The impressive opening of "Jawan" has not only set a benchmark for the film but also reflects the anticipation and reception by the audience, positioning it as a significant release in recent Bollywood history.

Box Office Leader

"Jawan" leads the pack among Shah Rukh Khan's movies, showcasing a formidable start that places it at the forefront in terms of opening day collections in Indian cinema.

The exceptional Day 1 earnings of "Jawan" have propelled it to the top spot, signifying the film's immense popularity and audience appeal, marking a significant achievement in the landscape of Bollywood's box office records.

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