Jawan Total Collection Worldwide | Hindi Movie Jawan: A Blockbuster Success 2023

Jawan Total Collection Worldwide Location Wise (Till – 23 Days)

Mumbai₹ 126.12 cr.United State of America₹ 115.44 crore
Delhi-U.P₹ 82.08 cr.United Kingdom₹ 28.13 crore
East Punjab₹ 42.73 cr.Australia₹ 22.73 crore
CP₹ 20.20 cr.Germany₹ 5.88 crore
CI₹ 15.55 cr.Singapore₹ 5.79 crore
Rajasthan₹ 22.92 cr.Malaysia₹ 4.89 crore
Nizam-AP₹ 15.21 cr.New Zealand₹ 4.63 crore
Mysore₹ 14.32 cr.Italy₹ 0.27 cr.
West Bengal₹ 19.17 cr.Russian Federation₹ 0.20 crore
Bihar & Jharkhand₹ 9.54 cr.Spain₹ 0.31 crore
Assam₹ 5.71 cr.Portugal₹ 0.017 crore
Orissa₹ 4.81 cr.  
Tamil Nadu & Kerala₹ 3.82 cr.  

These figures illustrate the movie’s financial success both within India and in various international territories, showcasing its popularity and earnings across different regions worldwide.

Jawan Total Collection Worldwide (Till – 23 Days)

Domestic Gross₹ 701 crore
Oversees₹ 350 crore
Worldwide Gross₹ 1052 crore

The cumulative worldwide box office collection of “Jawan” within 23 days has been substantial and notable, further affirming its resounding success in the realm of cinema. The domestic gross earnings soared impressively, amassing a staggering ₹701 crore, reflecting the immense popularity and reception of the film within India. Simultaneously, the movie made a commendable mark overseas, securing a remarkable sum of ₹350 crore, signifying its global appeal and resonance among international audiences.

The combined worldwide gross collection of ₹1052 crore within this relatively short span of time underscores the film’s remarkable triumph, both domestically and in the international market. Such remarkable earnings underline “Jawan’s” unequivocal impact and acclaim, establishing it as a notable and influential film in the realm of global cinema.

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Jawan News

SRK Warrior FC is organizing Jawan shows in 200 Indian cities over 50,000 fans

Shah Rukh Khan is back like never before in Jawan, which was directed by Atlee. Movie comes on September 7, and there is a lot of buzz about it. The advance booking started off with a bang on Thursday, and things are heating up for a theater opening this week. Earlier, it was said that SRK’s fan club, SRK Universe, had already bought more than 85,000 tickets for the opening day of Jawan.

SRK Warrior FC will put on Jawan shows in 200 places across India. Approximately 50,000 fans will attend the events.

Jawan Total Collection Worldwide

Now, a source says that the SRK Warrior FC, which is another Shah Rukh Khan fan club, is ready for the First Day First Show party. “In 200 places in India, SRK Warrior FC will hold FDFS celebrations of Jawan. They had similar plans for Pathaan events in January, and now they are taking things to the next level for Jawan.

On the first day of the Jawan celebration, which will be run by SRK Warrior FC, between 50,000 and 60,000 people are expected to show up. This is on top of the 85,000 or more fans who are already getting together through SRK Universe. “Shah Rukh Khan is the first Hindi star in India to have fan clubs, and they are going out of their way to welcome their King.
Jawan is directed by Atlee, and its main characters are played by Nayanthara, Vijay Sethupati, and Deepika Padukone. It will be shown in many movie theaters on September 7.

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