Leo Day Wise Box Office Collection Worldwide


Cast: Vijay, Trisha, Sanjay Dutt, Arjun

Production Company: Seven Screen Studio

Producer: S. S. Lalit Kumar, Jagadish Palanisamy

Release Date: 19 October 2023

Director: Lokesh Kanagaraj

Genre: Action/Thriller

Budget: ₹300 crore

Leo Box Office Collection India

Opening Day₹64.8 crore
End of Opening Weekend₹139.05 crore
End of Week 1 ₹264.25 crore
Lifetime Collection₹340.51 crore

The day-wise box office collections for “Leo” in India paint a vibrant picture of its reception and performance since its release. The movie stormed the box office with an outstanding opening, raking in ₹64.8 crore in Nett and ₹76.2 crore in Gross on its debut day, setting the stage for a promising run.

The subsequent days witnessed a commendable consistency in earnings, with Day 2 accumulating ₹35.25 crore Nett and ₹41.56 crore Gross, followed by Day 3’s robust collection of ₹39 crore Nett and ₹45.99 crore Gross. The positive momentum continued through Day 4 and Day 5, securing ₹41.55 crore and ₹35.19 crore Nett, respectively, reflecting the movie’s sustained appeal.

However, there was a slight dip in collections on Day 6, amassing an estimated ₹28 crore Nett and ₹33.02 crore Gross, hinting at a potential stabilization in audience turnout. The trend continued on Day 7, with an estimated ₹20 crore Nett and ₹23.58 crore Gross, suggesting a gradual decline in box office figures.

These day-wise collections showcase “Leo’s” commendable performance over its initial week, signifying both its strong initial impact and the potential for a steady trajectory in the coming days. As the movie progresses in theaters, its overall box office journey and audience reception will continue to unfold, further shaping its final earnings and impact within the cinematic landscape.

Leo Day Wise Box Office Collection India

Day 119 October 2023 (Thur)₹64.8 crore₹76.2 crore
Day 220 October 2023 (Fri)₹35.25 crore₹41.56 crore
Day 321 October 2023 (Sat)₹39 crore₹45.99 crore
Day 422 October 2023 (Sun)₹41.55 crore₹48.99 crore
Day 523 October 2023 (Mon)₹35.19 crore₹41.49 crore
Day 624 October 2023 (Tue)₹30.7 crore₹36.20 crore
Day 725 October 2023 (Wed)₹13.4 crore₹15.80 crore
Day 826 October 2023 (Thur)₹8.9 crore₹10.49 crore
Day 927 October 2023 (Fri)₹7.64 crore₹9.01 crore
Day 1028 October 2023 (Sat)₹15 crore₹17.69 crore
Day 1129 October 2023 (Sun)₹16.55 crore₹19.51 crore
Day 1230 October 2023 (Mon)₹4.45 crore₹5.25 crore
Day 1331 October 2023 (Tue)₹3.5 crore₹4.13 crore
Day 1401 November 2023 (Wed)₹5.5 crore₹6.49 crore
Day 1502 November 2023 (Wed)₹2.65 crore₹3.12 crore
Day 1603 November 2023 (Wed)₹2.25 crore₹2.65 crore
Day 1704 November 2023 (Wed)₹4.15 crore₹4.89 crore
Day 1805 November 2023 (Wed)₹4.75 crore₹5.60 crore
Day 1906 November 2023 (Wed)₹1.65 crore₹1.95 crore
Day 2007 November 2023 (Wed)₹1.7 crore₹2 crore₹
Day 2108 November 2023 (Wed)₹1.55 crore₹1.83 crore
Day 2209 November 2023 (Wed)₹1.5 crore₹1.77 crore
Day 2310 November 2023 (Wed)₹0.48 crore₹0.57 crore
Day 2411 November 2023 (Wed)₹.92 crore₹1.08 crore
Day 2512 November 2023 (Wed)₹.67 crore₹0.79 crore
update soon

Leo Box Office Collection Oversees

ScheduleAmount In Million USD$
Opening Day7.9
End of Opening WeekendUpdate Soon
End of Week 1Update Soon
Total Gross CollectionUpdate Soon

LEO Day Wise Box Office Collection Oversees

DayDateAmount In Million USD$
Day 119 October 2023 (Thur)7.9
Day 220 October 2023 (Fri)3.31
Day 321 October 2023 (Sat)3.49
Day 422 October 2023 (Sun)2.5
Day 5Update SoonUpdate Soon
Day 6Update SoonUpdate Soon
Day 7Update SoonUpdate Soon

Leo’s overseas box office journey commenced with an impressive start, amassing $7.9 million on its opening day (19th October 2023). This robust beginning showcased the movie’s initial global appeal and set high expectations for its international run. The subsequent days witnessed a consistent performance, with the movie maintaining its allure among audiences.

However, the collections experienced fluctuations over the following days. While Day 2 and Day 3 garnered $3.31 million and $3.49 million respectively, indicating a steady momentum, there was a slight decline seen on Day 4, with earnings totaling $2.5 million. As the week progressed, Leo managed to stabilize its overseas box office figures, securing $1.8 million on Day 5, $2.2 million on Day 6, and $3.1 million on Day 7. These fluctuations might suggest varying audience responses or external factors influencing the movie’s international performance.

The movie’s capacity to sustain interest over its initial week overseas reflects both its initial appeal and the fluctuations expected during a theatrical run. Leo’s overall overseas performance appears to showcase a blend of consistent engagement and fluctuations, reflecting a blend of audience anticipation and response in global markets.

Leo Collection Worldwide

India box office Nett₹340.51 crore
India box office Gross₹401.25 crore
Overseas Gross₹204 crore
Worldwide collections Gross₹605.25 crore

Leo demonstrated a remarkable performance in India, accumulating a nett box office collection of ₹244.49 crore and a gross box office collection of ₹288.29 crore. These robust figures exemplify the movie’s substantial success within the Indian market, reflecting the movie’s popularity and reception among audiences.

Additionally, Leo made a significant impact in international markets, generating an impressive overseas gross of ₹158.85 crore. This showcases the movie’s global appeal and its ability to attract audiences beyond Indian borders, contributing significantly to its overall worldwide box office collection.

The cumulative worldwide gross collection of ₹447.14 crore signifies Leo’s widespread popularity and success, combining both its domestic and international earnings. This achievement places the movie in a favorable position, highlighting its strong box office performance on a global scale.

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Thalapathy Vijay Leo Movie

The next Tamil-language action thriller Leo: Bloody Sweet will be directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj and written by Rathna Kumar, Deeraj Vaidy, and Kanagaraj.It was created by S. S. Lalit Kumar of Seven Screen Studio and Jagadish Palanisamy. Along with Vijay and Trisha, the film stars Sanjay Dutt, Arjun Sarja, Gautham Vasudev Menon, Mansoor Ali Khan, and Mysskin.

Thalapathy Vijay Leo Movie Release Date is expected to come to cinemas in standard, IMAX, and other premium modes in theaters around the world on October 19, 2023.

Leo Poster

Leo Poster

Leo Movie Cast

  • Vijay
  • Trisha
  • Suriya as Rolex
  • Antony Das, played by Sanjay Dutt
  • Harold Das played by Arjun Sarja
  • Agent Amar, played by Fahadh Faasil
  • Mansoor Ali Khan
  • Mysskin
  • Gautham Vasudev Menon
  • Mathew Thomas
  • Priya Anand
  • Kiran Rathod
  • Sandy Master
  • Babu Antony
  • Manobala
  • George Maryan
  • Abhirami Venkatachalam
  • Ramakrishnan
  • Anurag Kashyap
  • Denzil Smith
  • Iyal
  • Madonna Sebastian
  • Maya S. Krishnan
  • Jaffer Sadiq
  • Vasanthi
  • Santhi Mayadevi

Thalapathy Vijay Leo Movie Release Date

Thalapathy Vijay Leo Movie Release Date is October 19, 2023, in standard, IMAX, and other premium formats. It is likely to be released in dubbed versions in languages like Telugu, Kannada, and Hindi, in addition to Tamil.

The movie will be available in standard, IMAX, and premium versions.

An Ensemble Cast stars in Leo

Leo Cast
Leo Day Wise Box Office Collection

Star power is increasing the Leo movie box office collection it is also a factor to affected because Bollywood fans are excited to seen together Sunjay and Vijay.

  • Introduction
  1. Vijay’s Unique Grey-Shaded Hairstyle and Character Transformation
  2. Trisha’s Fifth Collaboration with Vijay
  3. Sanjay Dutt’s Tamil Debut as an Antagonist
  4. Priya Anand’s Key Role
  5. Arjun’s Fresh and Different Role
  • Excellent Supporting Actors of Leo
  1. Notable Roles Played by Mysskin, Sandy Master, Gautham Vasudev Menon, and Mansoor Ali Khan
  2. Malayalam Actor Mathew Thomas’ Tamil Debut
  3. Manobala and Janany Kunaseelan’s Presence and Debut
  4. George Maryan’s Role Confirmation
  5. Abhirami Venkatachalam and Babu Antony’s Inclusion
  • A Heartfelt Memory
  1. Manobala’s sad death and Leo’s release after his death

3 Conclusion

Leo is a new Tamil action-thriller movie directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj. It stars Vijay, Trisha, Sanjay Dutt, and others. The movie will cost between 250 crore and 300 crores to make, and Release Date October 19, 2023. Leo Day Wise Box office collection is here so stay tune us.

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