Welcome 3 Box Office Collection Worldwide | Release Date Cast

Welcome 3 Box Office Collection


Cast: Akshay Kumar, Arshad Warsi, Sunjay Dutt, Suneil Shetty

Producer: Firoz Nadiadwala, Jyoti Deshpande

Release Date: 20 December, 2024

Production Company: Jio Studios

Genre: Comedy/Drama

Director: Ahmed Khan

Budget: ₹300 crore

Welcome 3 Box Office Collection India

Opening Day₹54 crore* Est.
End of Opening Weekend₹180 crore* Est.
Lifetime Collection₹450 crore* Est.
Update Soon

As of the current information available, the specific box office collection figures for the movie “Welcome 3” in India, including the opening day, end of the opening weekend, and lifetime collection, are marked as “Update Soon” and have not been officially disclosed or confirmed yet.

The exact earnings for the opening day, the end of the opening weekend, and the lifetime collection of “Welcome 3” in Indian theaters have not been released or made public at this time. These figures are essential to evaluate the film’s performance during its theatrical run and are typically updated and reported after the movie’s release and subsequent box office tracking.

Welcome 3 Box Office Collection Day Wise

Day 120 December 2024₹54 crore* Est.
Day 221 December 2024₹35 crore* Est.
Day 322 December 2024₹28 crore* Est.
Day 423 December 2024₹20 crore* Est.
Day 524 December 2024₹22 crore* Est.
Day 625 December 2024₹30 crore* Est.
Day 726 December 2024₹25 crore* Est.
update soon

Box office collections are typically tracked and disclosed after a movie is released, usually by reliable sources or official statements from the film’s production or distribution team.

Therefore, information regarding the day-wise box office collections for “Welcome 3” or any updates about its earnings will be available once the movie is released, and the data becomes officially reported by relevant sources.

Welcome 3 Box Office Collection Oversees

ScheduleAmount In Millions USD$
Opening Day1.5
End of Opening Weekend5
Lifetime Collection12
update soon

Box office collections in overseas markets are typically tracked and reported after a movie’s release, often by reliable sources or official statements from the film’s production or distribution team. Therefore, information about the overseas box office collections for “Welcome 3” will become available once the movie is released, and the data is officially disclosed by relevant sources or box office tracking entities.

Welcome 3 Box Office Collection Worldwide

India box office Nett₹450 crore* Est.
India box office Gross₹530.61 crore* Est.
Overseas Gross₹100 crore* Est.
Worldwide collections Gross₹630.61 crore* Est.
update soon

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Information regarding the worldwide box office collections, including India box office net, India box office gross, overseas gross, and the overall worldwide gross collection for “Welcome 3” will be available only after the movie is released and the official box office numbers are reported by reliable sources or the film’s production and distribution channels.

This data typically becomes available once the movie has been released and box office tracking agencies start reporting on its earnings. Therefore, details about the worldwide box office collections for “Welcome 3” will be disclosed and made public after the film’s release.

Welcome to The Jungle Movie Release Date Cast Poster and Teaser

Welcome 3 Movie Cast

  1. Akshay Kumar
  2. Sunjay Dutt
  3. Arshad Warsi
  4. Suneil Shetty
  5. Disha Patani
  6. Jacqueline Fernandez
  7. Paresh Rawal
  8. Raveena Tandon
  9. Johny Lever
  10. Rajpal Yadav
  11. Tusshar Kapoor
  12. Lara Dutta
  13. Mukesh Tiwar
  14. Sharib Hashmi
  15. Rahul Dev
  16. Krushna Abhishek
  17. Shreyas Talpade
  18. Kiku Sharda
  19. Mika Singh
  20. Daler Mehndi

Welcome 3 Movie Release Date

Welcome 3 will available 20 December 2024, it will be available for Christmas and Ahmed Khan is the director of the movie, which is named “Welcome to the Jungle”. Starring in the movie are Jacqueline Fernandez, Arshad Warsi, Tamannaah Bhatia, Sanjay Dutt, and Akshay Kumar. Preproduction on the movie is currently.

The film has generated significant buzz and anticipation due to its notable director and star-studded cast. With its expected release during the festive season, “Welcome to the Jungle” is anticipated to captivate audiences with its blend of comedy, action, and entertainment. As of the present, the movie is undergoing preproduction preparations, fueling excitement and curiosity among fans and enthusiasts eager for the next chapter in the popular “Welcome” series.

About Welcome Movie Series

In 2007, the first Welcome movie release, it was a huge hit on the box office and Welcome Back is the second movie release in 2015 it was also a hit, and it is also hit on the box office. Family entertainment is expected in the third film, which will continue the franchise.

MovieBox Office CollectionBudget
Welcome₹285 crore₹130 crore
Welcome Back₹168.76 crore₹88 crore
update soon

Movie makers say that the movie genre is comedy drama and shooting start already they are released teaser, but audience response is positive it is great signal for the Welcome 3.


One of the most-anticipated movies of 2024 is Welcome 3 and it’s had big star cast and they are also helping to increase the box office collection and they play great role for the making of the blockbuster.

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